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RNC Disrupts Milwaukee Transit, DNC Counters with Meme-Wrapped Buses

RNC Disrupts Milwaukee Transit, DNC Counters with Meme-Wrapped Buses

July 9, 2024 11:08 AM CDT

By: Stuart J. Wattles

MILWAUKEE, Wis (Civic Media) — As the Republican National Convention approaches, Milwaukee’s public transportation system is set to undergo significant changes, causing disruptions for commuters. The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) announced that 14 bus routes will be altered starting Thursday and continuing through July 19 to accommodate the influx of visitors and heightened security measures.

Transit officials warn of widespread delays and limited service within the downtown area, advising riders to plan accordingly.

On buses that will be running, there will be memes. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has launched a mobile campaign featuring 57 buses wrapped in “Dark Brandon” memes and pro-Biden messaging. These buses, adorned with laser-eyed images of President Joe Biden and slogans such as “Restore Roe? Vote for Joe!!” and “Get On Board, Folks. We’re Lowering Prescription Drug Costs,” will run on major routes throughout the city.

The campaign aims to highlight Biden’s policies and contrast them with former President Donald Trump, whose quotes and status as a convicted felon are also featured on some of the buses.

This is the DNC statement that went out with the image mock-ups.

“Ahead of the Republican National Convention, Democrats are making sure that Wisconsinites and all Americans understand that if Trump wins, America loses. This year, the survival of our democracy is on the ballot, along with protections for fundamental freedoms, health care, affordable prescription drugs, and good-paying jobs. There’s just one candidate who will protect them: President Joe Biden. While Trump, a convicted felon, selfishly campaigns to benefit himself, President Biden is looking out for us. President Biden has Americans’ backs, and we’ll have his when we send him back to the Oval Office for four more years this November.”

Parking restrictions are already in place in downtown Milwaukee as the city prepares for the convention, which starts Monday. No-parking zones are marked by red bags covering meters near convention venues, and violations will result in a $150 fine and the risk of a tow.

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